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Enabling teams to gain actionable insights into their performance through professional sports data analytics

About Us

Founded in the West of Ireland, ProActive Stats is a sports data analytics company that puts players, coaches, and supporters at the centre of everything we do. We want teams to achieve their full potential.

ProActive Stats provides teams with a digital platform to intuitively capture, analyse, and share data between players, coaches, and supporters. This data can be used to get actionable insights immediately through visualisations in dashboards. Scroll further down this page to learn more about how we can give your club a competitive edge.


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What We Offer

Data Gathering

Capture strategically important data through our effortless interface to ensure that live data is available to visualise immediately

Deep Insights

We consider a variety of statistical perspectives to build up a complete picture of what factors influence the outcome of your team's performance

Mobile Optimised

Conveniently capture and analyse information from the sidelines whether you are using a mobile or tablet device

Appealing UX

Our user experience has been carefully designed to ensure everything is intuitive, easy to use, and provides you with the most value possible

Data Visualisation

You should not have to figure out what the numbers mean. We use interactive graphs and charts to present the raw data for ease of understanding

Statistical Correlations

We are not satisfied with just presenting statistics. We go a step further by highlighting correlations between events to give greater context to outcomes

Personalised Views

User specific views so coaches and athletes only see the information that is most relevant to them and the team overall

Collaborative Community

Engage your supporters to contribute to the collective data gathering. These crowd sourced data points become available to drive your teams insights

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We are always eager to hear from fellow sports fans. Please contact us if you have any suggestions, partnership opportunities, or if we can help with any issues you are facing.

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